Knowledge to move
is power to live.

And when it comes to fulfill your real estate
need for a change, we feel at home

15 years of experience
are actually 16 years of history.
Each of us has devoted more
than  30.000 hours of our lives into
being an exceptional real estate consultant.

Times, intentions and plans for 4 walls change all the time. In truth, we are always moving. Change may be the only constant in life, but there is one thing that relentlessly remains: our purpose.

From residential properties to homes for a phase or a lifetime, luxury developments or investment driven intentions, we work not only to inhabit our cities, but also to support their structure, growth and evolution.

Regarding what you may consider about where and how you live, know that we are moved by the desire and the absolute knowledge to provide you both a solution and a process that turns out the way it should be: to improve your quality of life.

The JPVA team as a profound knowledge in processes of residency attribution and a wide network of contacts, as well as a proven reputation in the national real estate scene. In each space we represent, we strive to deliver a sense of community and belonging, in which each client can really feel at home.

We know that the reach of what we do extends far beyond the mere real estate dynamics of house trading. Moving from one home to another, especially from one country to another, represents a significant decision and consequent change in one’s life. So yes, we are swift. Yes, we are efficient. Yes, we guarantee a unique knowledge about the real estate market status, as well as an intelligent and tireless devotion. And yes, we are reliable, transparent, experienced and truthful.

What we offer you is the comfort of knowing that, by choosing us, you are making the right choice. If you need information, evaluations, or simply to understand what is best to do, we are fully available and ready to respond.