Purchasing or renting a property is one of the most important decisions you will make, and the right advice and guidance become essential. Experience and knowledge matter, and they can make a significant impact in your buying or renting process so that you can find your ideal home at the price that best suits your needs. We listen to your needs, find your ideal home and guarantee that you will make a right and informed decision.

At JPVA Team, we not only have insider knowledge of the real estate market, but we also have access to a range of properties.
Charming 1 bedroom apartment totally renovated maintaining its original charm. Set in a typical Portuguese neighbourhood!
ID: 120991194-1204
177 000 €
Live between the heart of Lisbon's cultural and political life, within walking distance of several of Lisbon's most important points of interest
ID: 120991194-1182
475 000 €
This 106m² apartment is in the heart of Lisbon, where you can find everything you need in local shops.
ID: 120991194-1190
400 000 €

Once you’ve chosen a property, we represent your interests throughout the entire process of buying or renting a property. We negotiate the best price and defend your interests. We also advise on how to make your home even better, including remodelling and design ideas.

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