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focuses on celebrating diversity, distinguishing itself as experts in the real estate market in providing the best service to the LGBTI+ community. With more than 13 years of experience in Lisbon, we are in the Top of the best RE/MAX agents in Portugal.

For many people in the community, the search for a home is an especially stressful process, between having to hide their reality and the fear of not being accepted by the other side. Our participation in the process helps to mitigate these fears and ensure greater security.

The LGBTI community in PortugalSecurity and rights

Portugal is one of the safest countries for the LGBTI+ community in Europe, ranking 4th according to the Rainbow Europe Index 2021 due to advances in legislation and protection of LGBTI+ rights.

The LGBTI community in PortugalDiversity and Community

Nothing characterizes the LGBTI+ community better than its diversity. Portugal stands out for the friendliness of its inhabitants, with respect for diversity, making its capital – Lisbon – one of the safest European cities.

The LGBTI community in PortugalPride and Visibility

Visibility is crucial to achieving these rights. There are already many Portuguese cities that organize Pride Marches, and countless LGBTI friendly spaces and commerce.

The LGBTI community in PortugalStruggle and Resilience

In Portugal, families can opt for adoption, co-adoption, and access to medically assisted procreation. More recently, the law established the right of gender self-determination and protection of sexual characteristics.

Main LGBTI+ neighborhoods in Lisbon
Historically Principe Real is the LGBTI+ neighborhood in the sense that the most emblematic businesses destined for the community continue to be concentrated in this area.
Lisbon's "coolest" neighborhood due to the diversity of spaces and cultures that exist in this parish.
In a short distance from Lisbon, with lower prices and proximity to beaches.

Featured properties in the LGBTI area of Lisbon
Charming 1 bedroom apartment totally renovated maintaining its original charm. Set in a typical Portuguese neighbourhood!
ID: 120991194-1204
177 000 €
Live between the heart of Lisbon's cultural and political life, within walking distance of several of Lisbon's most important points of interest
ID: 120991194-1182
475 000 €
This 106m² apartment is in the heart of Lisbon, where you can find everything you need in local shops.
ID: 120991194-1190
400 000 €


Queer Lisboa

International Queer Film Festival

One of the most important LGBTI+ International film festivals, the oldest in the city of Lisbon.

Prémios Arco-Íris

Ceremony organized by ILGA Portugal that rewards people and institutions that stood out in the fight for LGBTI+ rights

Prémios Arco-Íris

Ceremony organized by ILGA Portugal that rewards people and institutions that stood out in the fight for LGBTI+ rights

Miss Drag Lisboa

Contest that introduces young talents in the art of drag.


LGBTI+ Trade and Tourism Association of Portugal

Founded in 2018, the association brings together more than 60 companies in the form of a non-profit Business Association that supports the economic empowerment of the LGBTI+ community in Portugal. LisboaPride currently chairs the Association’s Board.

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