Tomás Correia Foto

Tomás Correia

Real estate consultant

Tomás Correia is from Estoril (Cascais), and for several years worked in the hotel sector in some of the most prestigious hotels in Portugal. After a positive experience selling a house with the help of JPVA, he fell in love with the team’s working method and didn’t hesitate for a second when opportunity arose to join the team.

His experience in hotel management allowed him to acquire the essential skills in accompanying buyers, having already helped several clients from countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, and others. Tomás working method linked to commitment, sharing and detail allows him to offer an excellent service to those looking to live or invest in Portugal.

Currently, and in partnership with Tiago Machado, he is part of the Tiago & Tomás Real Estate Team, with the objective of offering a complete and innovative service.


I moved from Texas to Lisbon. A friend connected me with João and his company. After a brief but thorough interview, they were able to help me find the perfect apartment in record time. They felt like family. Great advice and the ability to help bridge my gap of knowledge and everything from rentals, to utilities, to contracts, to when to take the trash out! They knew and understood. Highly recommended.

Christopher, USA