João Carvalho, Portugal

Filipa’s professionalism, knowledge of the market and friendliness are unparalleled. Honestly, I had never met anyone in this field with such dedication and knowledge of the market as Filipa. Filipa exceeded any expectations we had and made this process a safe, calm and above all very, very rewarding experience.
It is impressive how Filipa perfectly understood our needs, our taste and our limitations. It’s not easy to find something that is only in our imagination, but Filipa did it.
The confidence and security we felt from the first day we met Filipa, left us feeling relaxed and sure that we would find “OUR HOME”. Starting with market prospecting, advice on bank credit, the bureaucratic issues of these processes, the lease of our current house and all the advice over time, Filipa proved to be a professional that exceeds any expectations.
I can’t get tired of describing the experience we had to our friends and I can’t imagine moving to another home again without Filipa’s help. I can only thank Filipa and her entire team for making our dream come true, and in such a professional and friendly way. I wish Filipa and her entire team all the best. They deserve all the successes they have and will have. [translation from Portuguese]